A lion roaring with pride

Can you hear the wolves howling? Calling out your name Like a sheep you whisper your prayers into thin air Terror is approaching Your nightmares ready to rip you apart You cower and crawl into your own hide They will sniff you out and care not for your whimpering squeals They will make it slow…

They see me

They see me, they always see me, with or without eyes, they see me, and when they do, they see right through me. I wish to escape, and hide away, in a secluded corner, where they will not be, but they gaze follows me, to the depths of hell and the heights of heaven. A…

Quote of the day

“It will all come to an end, with a crash and a bang or a whisper. But before that there has to be a start – do not meet your end before you begin something.” Momus Najmi

What do you call a friend who would never be?

What do you call a friend who would never be? Yet so blindly he spoke of you and me What do you call a friend who whispered for me? In silent night he rode and found nothing to speak What do you call a friend who was never to keep? Yet he fed himself from…

Again, to never be lost

It goes all silent, dead but for a whisper, the man and the hour, time has passed, but still it lingers, a hope, that one day, In the misty mornings of forgotten years, it will all, come back again – again, to never be lost.