Reading Spot

This is one of the reading spots I go to when the weather is acceptable in the park. I place a very high value on reading, reading which enhances your experience and understanding of life. And for that reason I have stopped thinking that the quantity of the books you read in life matter. It doesn’t matter if you read 10 books a month or 1 book a month or even 1 book a year (although its hard for me to imagine stretching a single book for that long) – what matters is that you read something to enhance your perspectives. Its a great gift, we as humans have given to ourselves, writing down our most wonderful imaginations and making them increasingly accessible – don’t waste that gift of the written word.

Full steam ahead !

This year, more than ever I intend to take full charge of my life. Be better than ever, do more good than ever and learn more than ever. And as for my writing – full steam ahead !

(I don’t know how to drive a train, my father in law was kind enough to let me pose in one of his train, couple of years ago in Poland before he retired)