Screaming Anguish

Forever I waited for a mere glimpse of your shadow But all I saw in the end was the shimmer of your scythe as my silence echoed within the screaming anguish.

How would you feel?

How would you feel? If I were to tell you, that I wish to, smash your little head, against the wall, and see it burst, like an unwanted melon, Would you reciprocate the feeling? Or would you try to understand, my predicament, and try to change my feelings, to a more happier nature?

Truthest truth

Darkness fills, the need to deceive oneself, light shatters all illusions, heading to despair, but to stay in light, takes more than one would expect, darkness soothes, all ill wounds, but once one finds the nature, of the truthest truth, one grows tired of both, and decides to feel, beyond any barrier’s care.

Someone in the distance

In the distance, I can see, Someone lurking, Under the shadow, of a lonely tree. I can see her fretting, pacing around, watching the sun, go ever so bleak, exasperating, looking into the distance, as I look unto her. How odd does it look, that tree, alone in the concrete supremacy, And I wonder, What…

Observations in Solitude

Lying in the dark, With, The grand company of me, I converse with the silence, About, the happenings that have yet not been, The silence mocks me, by staying true to its nature, It says nothing, but I know, and I dread to think, If it is going to be in the future, Or if…

Fallen Leafs

O’ those fallen leafs will fly not ever again, O’ those shades of death will come not again, Silent was their fall, silent will their rise be, Less silent be the name of trees they left behind, Flying away in memories and lore of the old, Forever they shall remain with wings torn and burned,…