The Silent Betrayal

Johann Blakemore is searching for the truth behind his father’s mysterious past and the sudden death of his mother when he was young. Stricken with lust of the damned, he is stuck between finding the truth and making his own reality. (Kindle & Paperback)

Horrid intolerance

They will come with pitchforks and fire, Burn down all who are different from them, Those with a sense will cry, We told you so! But what good will it do when those with no crime, Get punished for not but their existence?

Unable to be human

You fight over land which is not yours to own. You fight over money that you created. You fight over gods that don’t exist. You fight over honour which you don’t understand. You fight for the sake of fighting unable to be human.

Thought of the day – 30/11/2019

The world is not as far away from you, as you have become from it. Progression does not have to mean disconnect. Nature is not just a part of us, it is us and we are it.

Thought of the day – 29/11/2019

As people sneer with contempt at those who try to warn others about the future of our planet, whether it comes to the horrors that await us in climatic destructions or political and social crises that are to follow what lays ahead, I am remembered something from a discourse on inequality which rings somewhat true with this:‘A whole house wakes…

Bash your head

there are lots of ways to bash your head around. But the best way is to not tell me, and let me just find the blood with the brain scrambled all over the ground. At least then I would not need to suffer, listening to you moan over the impending doom, on and on.

Thought of the day – 10/11/19

No matter what you say there will always be someone out there trying to bring you down. And so you must learn to stand and fight – but you must also learn to look up every now and then, and see if what you stand for is still something worth fighting for.

Thought of the day – 07/11/19

If you believe in something strong enough it will be – If you believe in yourself to do something strong enough you will accomplish – that said it doesn’t make it right or wrong – maybe you can fool yourself or collectively people can fool themselves – but what you believe in has no justification to prove reality – only…