Thought of the day

You are never so far away from the truth that you rather be closer to a lie.

Thought of the day

It is easy to hate and ignore than love and accept – we have all become used to the easy in life but easy will not take us forward.

Global Isolation

Is this how it is meant to be? Brother against brother sister against sister At each others throat living in an abyss of discontent yet not realizing that within each other they can find content. Is this the world we imagined? Fathers against sons Mothers against daughters fighting for a right to ruin each others…

Thought of the day

In the end, all that matters is that you stayed true to yourself as you strove to learn, adapt and change.

Thought of the Day

Impossible is only a probability waiting to happen, rendering it improbable in theory and rarely possible in practice.

November 2018 TBR

Originally posted on Literacy Indulgence:
It is half way through the month, but I decided to bring forward my TBR pile for November anyway! The TBR pile is small this month, as I needed to make time to work on an upcoming essay which was due at the beginning of November. For those that don’t…

Global Corruption

For a long time We have taken we have killed and we have polluted Forever longer we will keep rendering such pains in the name of survival But when the world gets tired of seething in silence we will cry in anguish and ask why we have deserved the inconveniences to follow.

A new life in a new world

I have imagined a new life it’s not worth a penny, not worth a dime but its mine and yours if you open your minds I have seen something obscene something ferine but not a fiend a disgusting part of us derivation of ideas meant to be broken Be a percipient of my mind be…

Grimace of Disgust

The grimace of disgust that you randomly afford to all there is a nightmare that lives beyond it swims in your treacherous depths ever threatening to make an appearance within the undying threads of your conscience let it reveal itself for once So that you can understand The disgust that lives within you is what…

Screaming Anguish

Forever I waited for a mere glimpse of your shadow But all I saw in the end was the shimmer of your scythe as my silence echoed within the screaming anguish.

Thought of the day

If you believe in something strong enough it will be – If you believe in yourself to do something strong enough you will accomplish – that said it doesn’t make it right or wrong – maybe you can fool yourself or collectively people can fool themselves – but what you believe in has no justification…

Inside my box

Originally posted on The World of Momus:
In the box, I find silence and peace, From the holes inside, I peep through, The world outside, and I feel content, in my box. They ask me to come, to come out and play, To help them build and destroy, Or whatever fancies their dismay, They ask…

The Silent Betrayal – new book cover

Originally posted on The World of Momus:
My first novel, ‘The Silent Betrayal’ is out on Kindle and paperback. So my wife, didn’t like the color template of my paperback version of the book. And since she is the boss it has now been changed to Black and Blue. Have a look at the new…

There is no place for common sense.

Originally posted on The World of Momus:
There it is sitting by the riverside, the moon glimmering on its face like the sparkling glimpse of a distant world, Just sitting there casually, not seeming lost even though I feel it is, Staring into the slow flowing water with a wry smile on its face and…

A lion roaring with pride

Originally posted on The World of Momus:
Can you hear the wolves howling? Calling out your name Like a sheep you whisper your prayers into thin air Terror is approaching Your nightmares ready to rip you apart You cower and crawl into your own hide They will sniff you out and care not for your…

Thought of the day

When you face an adversary, inside yourself or out, remember it is not the actions you must fight against but the ideology of thoughts.