About me

Author of ‘The Silent Betrayal’, and ‘Mumblings of a Fool’ available on Amazon worldwide (ebook and paperback), also available on Kindle Unlimited.25

I am a writer/poet, a lover of the written word with an immense appreciation of storytelling. An ardent atheist and humanist, egalitarian and advocator of free thought. Amongst many other things I am a gamer, metalhead, LFC Supporter, Centre-leftist, and Brunel University Alumni.

I have created this space to share my random thoughts and musings. And also to connect with lovers of the written word. This is not a theme based site, because I do not restrict myself to any particular theme. Life should always be filled with multitude of possibilities and to live it to its fullest we should explore any and every domain.

If you wish to connect with me, follow me, and share your thoughts – please do so through the following connections:

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