Morning Thoughts

If you are going to push people to extremism, then you will get extremist and some very extremist from certain corners, so don’t be surprised instead look at yourself and reflect on why and how you helped create such hostile environment.

No medical procedure should be made mandatory specially one with risks of adverse effects no matter how small, that is a decision for the patient to take that has still the ability to make cognitive decisions.

You cannot trust career politicians whose effectiveness in their roles depend on their ability to lie and deceit, to dictate what is ultimately best for you. We need to stop looking outwards on our elected officials and others for mothering and instead grow up and take some personal responsibility. Once you go down the route of handing over some of your autonomy of the state, you are unlikely to get any of it back and likely that you will end up handing over more and more.

The only thing that needs to be mandatory in a state is the civil liberty and freedom of its citizens.

Thoughts – Beware of the mental rot

When the rot sets in, it spreads and infects every part of your thinking, till your mind is unrecognizable and your thoughts are just a subservient to need for acceptance in the new unstructured chaos. Beware of the rot, for it is always in all of us, and now it has a stronger means and motive for spreading its contagion.

Momus Najmi

Introspective thought of the day

Your success is your responsibility and so are your failures – stop hiding behind excuses and blaming others or the sins of forefathers for your incapabilities of today.

Don’t lay your path with false narratives and deceit. Take responsibility for your own destiny.

There might coin these days in playing the victim, but there is no honour nor ever will, in a path that subjugates you of your own lies.

Thought of the day

Do not turn the place where you took refuge, into the place you took refuge from. This should be the basic of national or international immigration. Because if you do try to turn it into the place you ran from, then at some level you lied to your host country about your intentions for taking refuge. I think this can be applied to any and all situations.

I will expand on this thought further and perhaps cover it in one of my weekend thoughts on The World of Momus podcast.

Just a thought

If you do not understand how someone can hold a different opinion than yours and be allowed to have that opinion without coercion or prejudice, regardless of how noble you might think your opinion about a particular topic might be – it means that irrespective of age, you still have not achieved a mental maturity expected of an adult. And therefore might not be suited to express opinions with any form of credible influence.

Ignore the haters – daily thought

People who are filled with hatred will always create more and more reasons for you to hate each other as they project their own insecurities on to you.

The solutions these people propose will tend to be extreme because they don’t necessarily want to come to a resolution, they only want to push any opposition to the limits so that any retaliation would prove their point. This is dishonest and it benefits no one but their own machinations.

Stay away from these people, and do not engage with them. Let them spew their hatred. Ignore them and lead your life with love.

The me that will always be

I always find it weird looking at older pictures, there is a lot I don’t remember or recognise yet still a lot that I know I have of the long time ago me. This was taken over 15 years ago. My punk years, back when punk meant being a punk and not a whinny little kid craving acceptance.

I had a lot of ups and downs in my life over the years and there are a lot of things I wish had gone differently. But then it might not have led me to where I am today and I kind of like the me today. So let’s remember to be grateful no matter what we have gone through because we still have time to change and improve upon ourselves.

I wish you all love and compassion and I hope you all can show it to each other. Lead your life for you and the ones around you first and not for the faceless hatemongers on social media. Things will get better the more we stay together.

I am wrong about a lot of things, but I rather explore my way through them than made to be afraid to even think about those things or anything not prescribed through a mandate. Free your minds and let them explore, our universe is filled with incredible amount of possibilities, none of which care for any of our feelings.