Cats & Dogs

I am more of a cat person and my wife is more of a dog person, so naturally my mug is the dog one and hers is the cats one. Add a bit of silliness in your life to show the ones you love how much you care about what they care without being overbearing.

Lead your life with love, as much as you can and it will guide you to the right path in life, the happy path.

History is a Lie – Morton R. Leader

William, a serial killer is on the rampage. Hunting his next victim, he finds himself in a strange situation as he comes across a man drinking blood from a rent boy in a downtown Las Vegas motel room.

This man claims to be a two-thousand-year-old being who survives on human blood. As he tells his tale, is his story a lie or is History a Lie. Everything William thinks he knows about mankind and civilisation is questioned.

As the story begins to unfold, the FBI and other forces are moving in on the strange pair as they in turn play out a standoff with each other. What is true? What is false? Who is holding the power cards? How will this encounter be told in history, or would it ever be told?