Early Britain

I love reading history and finding out about little quirky facts from the past. It gives a great perspective to our lives today, a sort of sense check if you like. I myself was born in Kuwait of a Pakistani family, I got to live in Karachi later on in life for almost a decade, and now for the past decade I have been living in Britain with my Polish wife. So it would be fair to say, I have influences from various cultures and traditions in my life. But even when I was younger, I had always been fascinated by Britain, and I have always loved its long and highly influential history.

For example, did you know that before the last Ice Age, Britain was actually a peninsula and not an island – it was connected with mainland Europe by a somewhat land bridge?

Or that in 55 BC Julius Caesar tried to invade Britain but failed?

Or that the first farmers came to UK some 6000 years ago?

Find out more, as I go through the brief summation of Early history of Britain on my podcast.

Morning Thought

Mornings, are a glorious time of the day. It is the start of everything. A chance to restart.

I know, there are some people who do not like mornings. Personally, for me, I love them. I might not like doing much in the morning. But I just like being in this time of the day. Even if doing nothing.

The chirping of the birds. The busyness of all. And the calmness of mother nature.

I just sit here and admire. And wonder. How many of these mornings have happened, before I started to admire them. How many. It is hard to comprehend.

Our world is filled with so much beauty. Even in destruction, there is a form of majesty. Now imagine, that it is not totally unique. It might be unique in holding us. But it is not that unique on its own. It is part of something much much bigger. And we are lucky, to understand what we can, about the vastness of its reality.

Yet we may be small, we still are capable of great many things. Just take this for an example. This. Me talking with you. Through essentially a robot. Not using my own voice but words written down for this automation service to pick up. Okay, it might not be perfect right now. But imagine what it will be in few years to come. These are also wonders. Because they are the accomplishments of a small species in the vastness of universe.

And who knows, maybe one day we will be sat with our morning coffee or tea, just about waking up. And admiring the mornings on a completely different planet, in a completely different solar system, in a different galaxy, far far away, still feeling small but content.

We have come so far, and there is still so much further to go. But it will be a lot better, if we go, wherever we have to go, together. And it will be a lot easier to achieve that, if we lead with love. See, it might sound sappy, me saying that all the time, lead with love. But it is the best thing I can tell you to do.

Even when you put necessary aggression, in the leading with love category, it gives it purpose and a reason. And when that reason is accomplished, and it no longer necessary, that aggression dwindles away.

Ah whatever it might be, just take some time and meditate on this thought. We all have very little time on this planet. Some of us might think there is something after this life of ours. In religious context or otherwise. Or some of us might think there is nothing after this. But, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that, here, right now, we have a very short time. And we should not waste this short time, doing too many unnecessary things.

There is no time for pointless hatred. Even if you subjugate everyone, with your will. You will eventually be subjugated by death. And in the meantime, you would have wasted your time not admiring the beauty of the morning, or feeling the calmness and love, of the many wonders on our most wondrous planet.

Leave the hate, people, and lead your life with love. Good morning to all of you.

‘The World of Momus’ – Podcast

So using Anchor’s amazing automated text to audio voice over services, I have created my podcast ‘The World of Momus’ and made it available on both Anchor and Spotify.

For now I am currently converting some of my random posts to audio and publishing them as podcasts. There will be several of these 1 or 2 minute short audio clips. And later on I will start making purpose filled episodes to feed into the podcast. Its only early days, so lets see how we get on with this, I hope you enjoy the journey. And please do feedback on how you find it to be and what more you might like from it.

Check here for Spotify and here for Anchor.

Just a thought

If you do not understand how someone can hold a different opinion than yours and be allowed to have that opinion without coercion or prejudice, regardless of how noble you might think your opinion about a particular topic might be – it means that irrespective of age, you still have not achieved a mental maturity expected of an adult. And therefore might not be suited to express opinions with any form of credible influence.

Rekindling an old love affair – (Animal Farm – Orwell)

Whenever people try to suggest the ideal word count of a story should be this or that, I always refer them to Animal Farm. A story/novel or whatever should only be as long as it is supposed to be. Maybe it be a thousand pages or a mere 120 pages, it is not a reflection of its quality.

It is one of the most favourite books to read, and recently I got it on audible narrated by Stephen Fry, oh how I wish he could narrate all the books worth reading. Animal Farm remains one of my favourite all time books and I hope one day I could write a book even half as good as this one.