Great find

On my walk today through a neighbourhood, there was a box of books with the label, ‘Free books or they are going to the skip’. And in it along with a copy of death of a salesman by Arthur Miller I found this, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

I mean, who the hell throws such copies away in the skip. There a lot of charity shops that would love to take them, if you can’t find enthusiasts to take them off you personally. I am glad I saved it though. So so glad.

Utter disappointment

Prisoner of your own mind, 
afraid to converse with
your own thoughts, 
Restricting your language,
to attain acceptance
from people who no longer understand
love, compassion or forgiveness,
You have become
the very disappointment
you once espoused to fight.

Freedom is nothing
but a monocle to you,
that you causally 
place on your blind eye, 
As you judge others
through the lens of your other
lazy gaze,
You have become 
a parasite
in a joyless world
with no names or foresight.

Cerulean – Ami J. Sanghvi

Trauma, mental illness, attention-deficiency, aches, ailments, and sentimental bearings:

Cerulean is the poetry book that takes it all the way there and doesn’t beg for forgiveness along the way. It trudges both onward and backwards without apologizing, the author launching herself and her readers into pain, despair, bewilderment, blood, gore, self-imprisonment, mental battlegrounds, and her own, demonic undertakings in a way she never has before.

This collection represents the twistings and turnings which arose from the author’s attempt to finally release her early adulthood into her haunted past, only to discover that the latter is, and always will be, among the most inevitable parts of her existence.