Healthy chocolate cake

I found a recipe for a healthier chocolate cake, made with sweet potatoes in the base and coating made with avocado instead of cream.

This was back end of November last year, and was the first time I actually ever baked a cake. I don’t usually bake much. But it turned out quite good.

Made it once more since then, due to popular demand (wife really loved the cake, actually made it for her birthday first time around)

Of course overall it’s not really healthier, healthier, it’s still a chocolate cake with chocolate but still better than a full out normal chocolate cake, less guilt, different but good different.

Soul of a city

Parks are the soul of any functional city. They provide a place for people to come together without any major financial obligation, a lunch time escape from work, somewhere you can find solace in the midst of a crowd, somewhere to be lost in thoughts but most of all it is a connection with nature and it is that very precise connection that makes these parks feel like the soul of a city.

We need to learn from this experience and re-imagine our city spaces. We need to build cities in a way that connects with nature more thoroughly makes the concrete jungle more natural to us. I think connection to nature keeps humans, humans. And we drive ourselves further from it, detach ourselves further and further from nature, we will keep losing little bits of humanity along the way. And the AI that will evolve from us will not be an improvement on our current way of doing things but will just be an even worse form of us – devoid of humanity, detached from nature’s nurturing embrace.