Thoughts – Beware of the mental rot

When the rot sets in, it spreads and infects every part of your thinking, till your mind is unrecognizable and your thoughts are just a subservient to need for acceptance in the new unstructured chaos. Beware of the rot, for it is always in all of us, and now it has a stronger means and motive for spreading its contagion.

Momus Najmi

Just a thought

If you do not understand how someone can hold a different opinion than yours and be allowed to have that opinion without coercion or prejudice, regardless of how noble you might think your opinion about a particular topic might be – it means that irrespective of age, you still have not achieved a mental maturity expected of an adult. And therefore might not be suited to express opinions with any form of credible influence.

Ignore the haters – daily thought

People who are filled with hatred will always create more and more reasons for you to hate each other as they project their own insecurities on to you.

The solutions these people propose will tend to be extreme because they don’t necessarily want to come to a resolution, they only want to push any opposition to the limits so that any retaliation would prove their point. This is dishonest and it benefits no one but their own machinations.

Stay away from these people, and do not engage with them. Let them spew their hatred. Ignore them and lead your life with love.