Reading Spot

This is one of the reading spots I go to when the weather is acceptable in the park. I place a very high value on reading, reading which enhances your experience and understanding of life. And for that reason I have stopped thinking that the quantity of the books you read in life matter. It doesn’t matter if you read 10 books a month or 1 book a month or even 1 book a year (although its hard for me to imagine stretching a single book for that long) – what matters is that you read something to enhance your perspectives. Its a great gift, we as humans have given to ourselves, writing down our most wonderful imaginations and making them increasingly accessible – don’t waste that gift of the written word.

Homemade Fish cakes and tartar sauce

This was the first time I made fish cakes myself, I don’t know why I never made them before. And the tartar sauce as well, its so easy to make I don’t think I will ever get a ready made one if I can help it.

I recommend having vegetables on the side, asparagus, broccoli or the like rather than potato chips, these fish cakes already have potatoes in them so it might be a bit of an overkill.

Fish cakes:

1/2 kg Cod or Haddock (I have never tried myself but it might also work with Hoki) place on frying pan (no oil), add 150ml of milk and 150ml of water. Cover it. Bring to boil, and then let it simmer for 4 minutes. Take off heat and let it sit for 10 minutes, covered as it finishes cooking in the hot milk. Then take out the fish on a plate and let it cool off.

1/2kg potatoes boil them and drain them. Mash the potatoes, add in 1tsp lemon zest, few spoons of the milk fish sauce left over (the rest can be disposed), parsley, salt & pepper and mix it all.

Break off the fish in bigger chunks and mix it with potatoes lightly, making sure it doesn’t break the fish too much. Let the mixture cool off a bit. Now using a bit of flour, make patties as big or as small as you want. Dip the patties in beaten eggs and cover them with breadcrumbs and let them sit for 20-30 min. Then fry them in shallow oil.

Tartar sauce:

150-200ml Mayonnaise, 1 small thinly slice shallot, 1 tsp of creamy horseradish, 1 tsp of Dijon mustard, 1-2 Tbsp of roughly chopped capers, parsley – mix it all up and that is all there is to it.

Enough with this nonsense – brooding storm (Blog Entry)

I fear the rot that is settling in you all. The rot that makes you blind to your own actions. The rot of chaos, self destruction and meaningless drivel. This is not progress, this is madness, depressing insanity that you are all determined to make a reality.

Come back to your senses, take a step away from your own reflection and sit by the bonfire of reason. We are not products, we are humans. Stop being a plaything for puppeteers. Our ideas are supposed to be discussed and help each, not restrict and censor those who might think differently. What is the point of being human if we cannot allow ourselves and each other to be free? Compliant robot humans, Cybermen? Borg? Without feeling, just obedience. It is as if all the movies you love, all the books you adore don’t even mean anything to you.

There is a storm coming, a storm that we ourselves have built. A storm made strong out of our malice, out of our hatred. What do you think you are doing? Who do you think you are fighting for? Why must you fall for this every single time, through history repeating your crimes? Why can we let others who see differently, see differently? As long as the freedom of individual can be upheld, why can’t we let each other be human, be free?

Stop looking in the mirror, ejaculating in self admiration – using projection as a way of deflection from your own failures. Take a minute and reflect on your actions. Think. Think again. And then think some more. Through away this hatred, and lead your life with love. Or even just lead your life, your real life. Make something of it. Find peace within it. Find peace within yourself. Enough with this nonsense. The world should not have to suffer because you are unable to take control of your life.

Thinking spot ! Either we all matter, or no one matters.

When you make it okay and normal for the death of a person because they hold opposing views or are your enemy – you make death of any human permissible even your own. As you explain, how that particular person should have known better or it was their fault and so on, what you are really explaining is that in future when I am unlawfully killed this is the blueprint of how to explain that away.

The untimely death of a human is never okay, it can never be made normal. Whether it is in a war, accidental, misadventure or through lawful persecution. Sometimes a death of the person is necessary as there are no other options left, but it is never okay, it can never be without regret. These political differences, religious ideologies, cultural differences, melanin variations and other difference in opinions, way of life or choices – are all arbitrary to the value of human life and the freedom of expression.

I hope, beyond all hopes that at some point our mentality move firmly towards wanting to defeat our enemies without the need of killing them. And then from there we can move firmly towards having people with opposing ideas, debating, learning, trying to win each other over without feeling the need to make them our enemy. We are complex beings, with complex ideas and thoughts which even we don’t completely understand at times – either we all get to live free and express ourselves freely or none of us do. No ifs, no buts. The consequences comes later, whether good or bad, but the right to exercise that freedom comes first.

Please think before you say something. Think before you flippantly make it okay for the death of someone. And stop disassociating yourself from the responsibility of the actions of your society.