Feline thoughts …..

Trying to research about cats for the next episode on The World of Momus: History & Myth and it is really hard because I keep getting distracted by cat videos.

But it reminded of this picture i took of cats my brother in law was breeding, arent they just darn cute?!?

However, it also reminded me of my cat, from a long time ago. Mr Whiskerz. Well over a decade or so ago, someone catnapped him and I never saw him again. All that I found was his purple bow tie on the street. I still think about him sometimes. He was a very special cat.

Isn’t he just the cutest. I don’t think I have ever loved an animal as much as I loved him. I don’t believe in the malarkey that cats don’t love back. You didn’t know Mr Whiskerz, he loved back. He’d hear my car from a distance, and wait at the front door of the house, always slept by me, never ever scratched me and if he did by mistake while playing he would lick the scratch part as a sorry and if I was ill (man flu or the like), he would stay at the corner of my bed – just looking after me in his own way.

If you want to learn about empathy and responsibility, I think you should get a pet and cherish the years you have with them.

This picture is even blurrier.

Yeah my bed used to this messy, always filled with books. It was my college and early uni years I think, back in Pakistan. And he usually used to sleep like this, snuggling under the blanket probably because the air conditioning was usually on (Yeah it can get really hot where I lived in Karachi – melting hot, and extremely humid).

He used to sleep in my bed, even when I wasn’t home. I don’t really know why he slept with his head on the pillow, I never asked. But then again he also liked sitting on the chair, on the dinner table looking at everyone while we were having family dinner. Maybe he thought he was more human than cat.

I had him since few days he was born. Mama cat was a mix of Turkish Van or something, she was a stray who gave birth to a litter in our back courtyard. And she went bonkers, kept on moving the kittens. End up killing one of them, the other someone took away, another got run over by a car, so Mr Whiskerz I hid away before she killed him too and then she just ran off somewhere. I fed him milk with a soaked cotton and syringe. Ah, I get so emotional just thinking about him, I know there are some people out there that understand.

This is him very young, very very young.

Anyway, cats are amazing. And I hope this episode is going to be a good one and that you all enjoy listening to it.

Introspective thought of the day

A lot of people seem very confused, and disjointed from reality with a lack of purpose these days within the virtual world. And use every point as an attack vector to shut down conversations that might highlight their own in-competencies and in-capabilities in life. It is very disheartening to see.

We as a society, need to find a purpose and a reason within us, to reflect into the world outside of us. For too long we have taken the outside to give purpose to inside. I think it is a big mistake, exploration of within, should be the highest priority of every conscious living being.

Lead yourself to a better place, both in your heart and your life.

Play the victor, and not the victim.

There is a lot of love in the hearts of people who make very less excuses for the cards they have been dealt with in life and instead get stuck in to make the best of it and strive to achieve what they can, and through it give meaning to their existence. There is a lot of hate in the hearts of those, that are jealous and bitter of the success of others, specially of those that have toiled hard and long, and instead of reflecting on their own behaviours, understanding their incapability and improve themselves, they choose to make spreading hatred their purpose. It is up to you to choose your path, it is up to you to find your purpose. Choose the path of love, the path of personal responsibility and the path of honest work, so that no matter what you achieve at the end, you have already won. Other will take heart from it and carry on from where you left off and others after them will continue, and so we will keep on improving personally and collectively.

Do not listen to those that only mean to divide you, spew hatred, make you play the victim – those that mean to profit from your misery. Those that are too afraid to show you tough love and straightforward honesty, so that you get inspired to pick yourself up. Those that will defy all logic to keep you in a web of deceit and melancholy. Those that discourage you to think for yourself no matter how wrong you be, for if you don’t make mistakes how will you learn the lessons well. Those that will project their cowardice and their dark intent onto you and the wider world. Stay away from the path of hate, stay away from an empty life devoid of any foothold in reality. Open your heart to love even in the face of greatest adversity. And no matter the cards that are dealt to you in life, always play the victor and never the victim. For if you are honest, show love and kindness to others, and stay true to yourself, you are the victor and your life is a winning success.

A poor farmer toiling in the fields has a more enriched and purposeful life than a spiteful king atop a luxurious castle.

A grave affair ….

I visit this cemetery often in Szczecin, Poland. Its huge but still peaceful. My wife’s babcia is buried there and so is our niece next to her. This year we havent been able to visit their graves and still won’t be able to because of travel restrictions. But as we are forced to spend our Christmas alone, away from our family, they will be in our hearts.

Love those closest to you, regardless of the disagreements and remember those fondly who have now moved on to the world beyond. We are only dust, drifting in the vastness of something we are yet unable to fully understand. All the differences and disagreements we create are of our own making. All ideologies, monetary gains, tribal moralities, all of our own making and so it is rather silly for something we created ourselves to stand in our way of loving each and showing compassion where it is needed most.

This world was here long before we evolved and will be there long after we are no more if we continue down the path of self destruction. It is often said, never go to bed mad/angry at your partner, no matter how bad the fight had been, I think we need to extend that beyond our immediate partners in some way if we wish to live a healthier life in a mentally healthier environment. Lets lead our life with love, compassion and forgiveness, and leave hate where it belongs – in moments, quick to be forgotten.

Quell the rivers of hatred inside ….

Hatred is like a full flowing river, it is magnificent to behold at first but as it starts destroying everything in its path that admiration becomes less and less. The burst might be needed from time to time, but continuation of that aggression is not just corrosive to things around it but ultimately to itself.

Don’t fill your life with such hatred. Don’t lead your life with hatred fueled by bitter resentment. Don’t follow or believe in an ideology that basis itself around hatred, mistrust and anarchist chaos. Because that is what you are going to become otherwise. Someone who is filled with deep resentment and hatred for everyone, someone who doesn’t trust anyone, someone who doesn’t enter into dialogue with others in good faith, someone who assumes the worst in others. Do not project your failures on to the world.

Calm the raging rivers inside of you and realize that it takes all kinds to make this world. Don’t embrace your problems, don’t celebrate your problems, recognize and understand them – and take steps to fix them. Blaming others for your misfortune even though it might be their doing is not going to help you and it is not going to fix the problem. You are the one who is going to fix your problems. Positive thinking brings positive outcomes. Lead your life with love, and allow others and yourself enough space to learn, grow and evolve in their own time and in their own way.