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Into oblivion

Silently, goes the mind into oblivion, without a second glance to the miseries, left behind.

Mumblings of a Fool – New Book Cover

Mumblings of a Fool ‘Mumbling of a Fool’ is a collection of poems written over a decade. It is a collection of free form poetry and does not follow any specific traditional structure or theme. The diverse topics include poems on social commentary, love & lost love, self reflection, peace & hope, anti hate & violence, secular non-conformism and the…

Horrid intolerance

They will come with pitchforks and fire, Burn down all who are different from them, Those with a sense will cry, We told you so! But what good will it do when those with no crime, Get punished for not but their existence?

Unable to be human

You fight over land which is not yours to own. You fight over money that you created. You fight over gods that don’t exist. You fight over honour which you don’t understand. You fight for the sake of fighting unable to be human.

Bash your head

there are lots of ways to bash your head around. But the best way is to not tell me, and let me just find the blood with the brain scrambled all over the ground. At least then I would not need to suffer, listening to you moan over the impending doom, on and on.

A beast is a beast

Mild natured, well tempered, beast, snatches the last, of the remaining, bones, with ample meat glistening, still mouth-watering fresh, looks around, sees no one complain, a beast, they all think, is still a beast, no matter how humble it may seem.

A Lost Feeling

I feel as if a feeling has been taken away from me, locked up in a cage somewhere without my knowledge hidden somewhere in the dungeons of despair, I do not know what is that feeling because I do not think I have ever known it, And now I do not think I will ever know, since its been taken…

Trading a dream for another

They come and they go, Sometimes they stay, For a while to gaze a little, And then go away, But there is always one of them, That stays forever with you, Nursing your sense, Your comfort through pain, But then there comes a day, When you have to let it go, For another that you love, You have to sacrifice…