Obey your masters !

The road to submission started a while back. Fear tactics. It started with legitimate but overhyped causes, like racism & global warming. Then came societal kneeling. After that gender issues & so came pronouns. Then pandemic, so had masks & vaccines. The sheep followed blindly.

Never question, never be curious. Follow the science but don’t question it. Lock yourselves down, hype your anxieties, put masks on your profile pictures. Don’t question just follow. Everyone else is a bigot, shut them down. Do the work of your masters for them. Willing sheep.

What will come next I wonder, what more will you be willing to do?

It doesn’t matter if the worries are legitimate or not anymore. But this disdain for personal responsibility, freedom of choice and thought, and distortion of moral values is what disturbs me.

We are heading down a dangerous path. A path we will almost surely are going to regret when we are herded to the destination. The promised land of absolute obedience and compliance to whatever they say is the truth. The truth of perceived narrative not the truth of reality.

Do not be so willing to give up someone as special as your liberty. Once given, it will be a struggle to reclaim. Darkness is upon us. Will you let yourself be herded further, to your demise?