Blog Post #7 – History & Myth Podcast Update

Okay, you know what, I need to either stop numbering my personal blog posts or write it down somewhere so I don’t have to guess them each time I start a new one.

So, I have been a bit busy getting ready to write through the whole month of October and also getting my podcast up on YouTube, which I hope some of you have already visited. While doing all of it, I decided to detach episode 6 and 10 from the podcast numbering and instead mark them as bonus episodes. On this website you will see now, there is a new category for Bonus Episodes, on spotify they are simply numbered separately as bonus episodes.

All of this means that number 6 and 10 are now missing in the series of the first season of History & Myth. So I will be putting them up soon as lost episodes. Number 6 will be about Roller Coasters and Number 10 will be the History of Essex. I hope you enjoy them when they are out.

Take care all and remember to always lead with love.