York Minster

I went to York Minster, last year and was amazed by it. It was awe inspiring.

The details of the craftmanship both inside and out was just breathtaking.

It just made me wonder how much time and effort people used to spend on the aesthetics of a building. Although now we build bigger and stronger structures, but institutions and governments are more concerned about cost savings and don’t consider the lasting effects of the aesthetics of a building.

I wish we could build more structures like these.

When inside, I could understand how one could come to believe in a God. The building inside created this feeling that touched you deep within. You could feel the dedication that has gone into each corner of it. It makes you understand the motivation of those that commissioned it and those that laboured over it.

I want to an episode for The World of Momus Podcast about York one of these days. But I feel I might have to do a separate one just on York Minster.

I hope you enjoy few of these pictures. I was less concerned about taking pictures and more about taking it all in to be honest. Hope you had or are having a good Sunday. Love you all, and remember, take inspiration from wherever it is offered.