1000 YouTube Subscribers !!!

Good news. We have crossed the first milestone. 1000 subscribers on YouTube for ‘The World of Momus Podcast’.

I started ‘The World of Momus Podcast’ around the time of my diagnosis as a way to distract myself and keep being creative a little less than a year ago. Within that time I took a bit a break from creating content while I had my surgery and from January of this year onwards, I started becoming slightly more serious about it. Although, thus far, I have been inconsistent and sporadic with the episodes I publish and when I publish them. Despite that, it’s great to know within a year I now have 1000 subs on YT.

From next week onwards, I intend to be more consistent, with an episode release on each Wednesday and Friday, and bonus episode released on some Sundays. Thank you all so much.

Visit my podcast and keep subscribing. Love you all ♥️

(PS: I did have pizza today to have a mini celebration)

Hopefully in time, we can grow this channel together with your support more and more. And I can keep on learning more about recording, editing and video editing as we go along this journey.

I love history and mythology, and it is always wonderful to share that love with others.

See below, my top viewed episodes so far. Watch them and share them with others.