Further thought on divinity without the divine

I don’t think there is a need for a God but that only means the God of religion and the God of human purpose doesn’t have existence as we understand it. There might not be any need for me, but at the same time I exist outside of that perceived need.

I think these are discussions that still need to be thought upon, as we embark on becoming Gods ourselves by giving birth to AI. The humility of saying, ‘this is what I understand about it so far with room for doubt and rethought if need be’, is important.

Conformity is detrimental to the evolution of our minds even though at times it might be beneficial for our survival as species. But overall, in the long run, it erodes our very essence. We need to relearn in our society these days, how to live with disagreements. Our disagreements strengthen our arguments or give chances to rethink and improve.